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24 Comics That Capture the Frustrations of Anxiety Disorder

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kind, confidential. Like help is coming. Not alone.
A few weeks ago on our blog we shared a BuzzFeed post featuring 21 comics about depression. Recently, BuzzFeed published a follow-up to that post, this time featuring 24 comics about anxiety disorders.

It's interesting that people are using comics to express their feelings about mental illness. It's an example of how, gradually, mental health stigma is on the decline and people are becoming more open to talking about the difficult emotional problems that many of us face every day. Like depression, anxiety affects everyone differently. It's impossible represent every person's experience, but it's nice to know that more people are willing to share their experiences through art, as the artists behind these comics have done, and hopefully provide some comfort to others.   

What do you think about these comics? You can view all of them on BuzzFeed. If you have questions about anxiety, feel free to get in touch with us

Image by Natalie Dee.


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